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We have been operating in this restaurant for more then fifteen years, and our menu includes lranian and Arabic cuisine and the greatest Shawarma. We take pride in our special in house Shawarmas that are so tasteful and in high demand, we offer close to two thousand Shawarmas per day to our valued customers, the mystery of the shawarma is in the marinating. The shawarma evokes a visual imagery of slow - grilled meat on a warm bread, a comfort food that is essential in Dubai.

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Our signature grill consists of the legendary Shiraz Night, lranian and Arabic cuisine and Shawarma.

We pride ourselves on inspirational cuisine as well as providing a fresh twist on some old favorites. All of our food must meet rigorous requirements which ensure only freshest, cleanest and most delicious pieces reach your table.

High quality dining experiences in a friendly relaxed environment at an affordable price that represents excellent value for money, with ingredients that are fresh local produce or where required the best available imported products.

What We Offer


Shiraz Nights offers at least 30 unique dishes that are each as delicious as the other.
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We serve 5 types of fresh seafood daily: King fish, Hamour, sherry, pomfret, and shrimps.
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The best shawarma in town is made with quality ingredients and gives you a wide range of options. From spicy to normal, chicken to beef.
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From fresh juices to fresh smoothies, we serve healthy beverages all day long.
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Food Item


Shiraz Night offers fabulous food, that meets your desire

Kabab Makhsoose Shabhaye Shiraz

A delicious mix of barbecued chicken, beef and lamb
AED 57

Chenjeh va Kabab

Barbecue veal tenderloin and minced lam
AED 45

Chelo Kabab Soltani

Barbecued steak, minced lamb with rice or fries
AED 45

Chelo Kabab Soltani Morgh

Barbecued chicken steak, minced chicken with rice or fries
AED 45

Chelo Kabab Koobideh

Barbecued minced lamb with rice
AED 40

Chelo Kabab Koobideh Morgh

Barbecued minced chicken with rice
AED 38

Joojeh ba Ostekhan

barbecued baby chicken with bone
AED 40

Joojeh bi Ostekhan

Barbecued boneless chicken
AED 40

Chenjeh Masti

Barbecued yoghurt marinated tenderloin fillet
AED 40

Joojeh Masti

Barbecued yoghurt marinated chicken fillet
AED 40

Kabab Bareh

Barbecued lamb chops
AED 55

Kabab Chenjeh

Barbecued tenderloin fillet with potato chips
AED 40

Chelo Barg Morgh

Barbecued chicken Steak with rice
AED 38

Chelo Barg

Barbecued veal tenderloin stake with rice
AED 40

Koobideh Morgh

Barbecued minced chicken
AED 40

Kabab Koobideh

Barbecued minced lamb
AED 42

Chelo Ghormeh Sabzi

Herb kidney beans and lamb stew with rice
AED 35

Chelo Khoreshte Gheymeh

Split peas and lamb stew with rice
AED 35

Chelo Khoreshte Bademjan

Eggplant and lamb stew with rice
AED 35

Chelo Khoreshte Bamieh

Okra and lamb stew with rice
AED 35

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh

Barberry rice with chicken
AED 40

Adas Polo ba Goosht

Lentil rice with lamb
AED 40

Shawarma Platter Chicken

Shawarma Platter Chicken ,Beef or mix
AED 40

Baghali Polo ba Goosht

Broad bean and dill rice with lamb shank
AED 42

Meygoo Kababi

Grilled shrimp with fries
AED 60

Baghali Polo ba Mahi Zobeidi

Broad bean rice with fried pomfret fish
AED 45

Chelo Mahi Sherry

Fried sherry fish with rice.
AED 42

Baghali Polo ba Mahi Sheer

Fried king fish with broad bean rice
AED 42

Mahi Hamour Kababi

Barbecued hamoor fish fillet with fries
AED 45

Chelo Mahi

Fired Hamoor fish fillet with rice
AED 42

Meygoo Sorkh Kardeh ba Sose Gharch

Fried shrimp with garlic and mushroom sauce.
AED 60

Meygoo sokhari

fried breaded shrimp with fries
AED 60


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July 19, 2018

We visited this restaurant twice in past 2 weeks.. both times we were pleasantly surprised with our meals...

July 15, 2018

Really enjoyed our seafood dinner tonight. Most dishes had an Asian flavour which only enhanced the delicious..

July 15, 2018

Nice food but a bit limited for me. Inside the restaurant the atmosphere isn’t very good but outside is love..


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